Frequently Asked Questions

Is the piece I purchase the same as the picture?

Yes!  I make one of a kind pieces so what you see is what you get!

How can I but your Fiber pieces?

I sell my work at many of the League of NH Craftsmen galleries, through my Web page and at shows throughout the year.  I also open my studio during the NH Open Doors in the Fall.  

See "Where to Find my work" for more information.

Do you do custom work?

Absolutely!  Sometimes it might be a certain color or size you are looking for.  Just ask!

 Why do I see imperfections in some of the work?

Those are not imperfections they are inherent when felting a piece of wool and silk together.  During the process of felting the silk and wool fibers will shrink at different rates depending on the thickness of the wool and the density of the silk.  The silk will ruching is the beautiful puckering of the silk as it felts to the wool.  Sometimes the ruching will be tighter in one spot than another on the same piece.  This is part of its beauty and does not effect the strength of the garment.  Depending how I lay the wool you might see thick and thin spots.  This creates variety in the piece and airiness and again will not effect the strength of the garment.